"The members have all promised each other to keep going until in the very distant future when we get married and have children so you cannot possibly say the words of 'breaking up' to us. And we also promised each other that with our children we will make another group entitled 'Shinhwa Junior'" -Junjin



The textbook example of being Shinhwa:

1. Bring your tv and game console.
2. Set it up in the shared waiting room.
3. Give no fucks and proceed to play.

They did say they became comfortable in the waiting rooms haha


group projects when no one knows what they’re doing



my thoughts are tomatoes i cannot fathom into ketchup


My white teacher was like:

"9/11 is arguably the worst thing to ever happen in the United States" 

All the pocs in the class, all 3 of us were like:


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It’s only been two weeks of school why am I so stressed already??


once in elementary school i got a D on a test and i legitimately thought my parents were going to kill me so at recess we had a funeral and my friends picked me flowers and pieces of grass and let them blow away in the wind it was very dramatic i cried


 Andy on Bunjun drama